Because Only Together We Can

We rely on your support to make our mission a success. By sharing knowledge and organizing activities we will strengthen the bonds between Greek Catholics new generations, reach out to one another to improve the living standards of our community.

President Message

On behalf of the World Council for Melkite Greek Catholics, it is my pleasure to welcome you as valuable members.

Whether you are a Greek Catholic living in the Middle East, or a Greek Catholic who migrated seeking better living standards, I dedicate this website to reconnect all the Greek Catholics around the world to the benefit of our community and to shape a better future for our new generation.

We may be miles away, but our data base is an open place where we can connect, share knowledge and ideas, talk about our success and achievements, learn about our activities and events, meet the elite who contributed their achievements to the development of many countries,  trace back our origins and above all reach out to one another.

I encourage you to join our community and spread our presence among your family and friends, and hope that the benefit of our data base meets your expectations.

It is indeed a challenging task, which I owe to my community and to our ancestors whose imprints remain today acknowledged worldwide. I rely on your support to make it a success.

Dr.  Youssef   Bakhach

who's who

We are proud to present to you the Elite of our Melkites Greek Catholics whose contributions and achievements in social development, arts and sciences, in Lebanon and around the world portrayed a positive image of our community.
We would like our fellow Melkites Greek Catholics around the world to assist in completing this recognitive list, please do not hesitate to contact us if you know prominent figures that we did not mention and accept our apology in advance.

Our Presence

Statistics - Geographical Distribution of The Melkite Greek Catholics

According to the statistics prepared annually by the Vatican, the following graph shows the geographical distribution (by continent) of the Melkite Greek Catholics from the Levant to the Diaspora in 2016 (Annuario Pontificio).

Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch