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St. George’s Melkite-Greek Catholic Mission
St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church




During the past decades, we have welcomed the St. George’s Melkite Greek Catholic Mission and father Maximos Basha, who passed away in April 2013, and has been replaced by Father Edward Ibrahim. Their first mass at Saint Francis de sales was celebrated on Palm Sunday, April 3rd, 1977. The De Sales ministry for the deaf was established in March 2002. Also, the Indonesian community have been celebrating Mass in Indonesian every second Saturday of the month for a while before they moved to our Lady of Mercy Parish.


These Missions and ministries have added much to our parish community.


Our Parish of St. Francis De Sales continues to be a vibrant one. Over the years we have grown from those first few families who had vision and determination, and who put hours of volunteering, to have the Parish we have today with people from all corners of the world who still continue the vision. We have the great grand children of those first Parishioners to the new comers to our country. Our Parish organization, along with various devotional groups, present a wide choice of religious education opportunities and activities for everyone. Looking to the future, we look forward to new members joining our Parish, to new activities, and to our continuing community and spiritual growth.



St. George’s Melkite-Greek Catholic Mission
St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church

6610 Balmoral Street
Burnaby, British Columbia

Father Edward Ibrahim

Tel:  778-251-8270

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